Sukhothai Historical Park is Thailand’s historical heritage which could date back to the dawn of the Kingdom. Listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, the ancient town of Sukhothai was the former capital of the Thai Kingdom and praised for its prosperity. Known as a center of administration, religion, and economic, Sukhothai Historical Park consists of these notable places

King Ram Khamhaeng the Great Monument – Sculpted from bronze, King Ram Khamhaeng the Great Monument is twice the usual size and stands on 3-metre tall. The royal statue is in a sitting position on Manangkhasila Asana Throne, with a book in the right hand and a teaching gesture on the left one. On the Throne’s left side lies a tray with a two-sided sword on it. The face of the royal statue is sculpted in the same manner as that of early Sukhothai period’s Buddha statues. Behind the monument, a high-relief illustrating King Ram Khamhaeng’s royal duties based on the Sukhothai Archives is located.